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Laminate flooring need to moisture it?

<P>Recently, more and more rain, the weather is getting wet, and some consumers shop in the composite wood flooring, many people listen to businesses that not afraid of composite wood flooring tide, and will not be deformed, then the wood flooring that shop A few years, but also need to do moisture-proof treatment?</P>
<P>So far no floor products can be completely not afraid of the tide, no deformation. Can only say that due to its different structure, resulting in different rates of contraction and expansion. Relative to the original wooden floor, parquet is still relatively stable. As for the moisture-proof treatment, the general flooring business has done in the installation, such as shop a layer of moisture-proof membrane, sprinkle some moisture-proof powder. Has been paved for many years, the wooden floor should have been relatively stable, as long as normal maintenance can be daily.</P> "imitation battens for roofing,how to build a planter wood privacy fence,how to build a 12x32 deck "


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