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Improve the quality of children's furniture

<P>From the Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision, the official website was informed that on November 16, 2016, the council in Guangdong Quality Supervision Institute Shunde base held in the province of children's furniture product quality risk analysis forum, informed the past four years, Guangdong Province,buy promo folding padded chair in uk children's furniture products, national supervision Spot checks and provincial supervision and spot checks. According to the report, the current quality of children's furniture products in Guangdong Province is still not optimistic. At present, Guangdong has more than 8,000 furniture production enterprises, but most of the small and medium-sized furniture is the production of small and medium-sized enterprises, and nearly 10 years, Guangdong furniture product quality supervision and spot checks failed to find the rate of about 15%, part of the production enterprises Two consecutive years of supervision and inspection failed. From 2011 to 2016, Shunde children's furniture spot checks the average unqualified found in more than 30%, much higher than the national and the province's average level. Part of the production enterprises on the national standard GB 28007-2011 "General technical conditions for children's furniture," the understanding and implementation is still not enough, there is product structure safety design does not meet the standard requirements, toxic and hazardous substances exceeded the serious quality problems.</P>
<P>Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau in accordance with the spot checks found outstanding problems, one for the Shunde District furniture industry problems and long-term remediation effect is not obvious situation, the furniture products as the provincial key products in 2016 rectification list,best children table and chiar supplier in france and the organization of Longjiang , Lecong and other towns from the plate market and furniture enterprises to conduct in-depth investigation, requiring Shunde District Quality Supervision departments to strengthen the workshop-style furniture manufacturers and poor plate suppliers to focus on rectification, regularly submitted to the effectiveness of remediation work.</P>
<P>Second, the organization of Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute and other technical institutions to prepare "children's furniture product quality risk analysis report (2013 - 2016)", analysis of the country and Guangdong Province in recent years, the implementation of child care products,western restaurant dining table and chair dealers supervision and spot checks, the main quality problems and Strengthen the furniture product quality supervision of the recommendations and measures for the next step to provide a basis for product quality supervision reference.</P>
<P>Third, the focus on consumer goods and other key consumer goods to carry out quality improvement project, with the quality of boost to help supply side of the reform, to promote the quality of the furniture industry to achieve the overall jump. On the one hand, with the supervision and spot checks "hard" means to promote the development of quality, strengthen the national, provincial and municipal linkage checks and supervision and inspection and law enforcement inspection linkage, effectively carry out regional product quality improvement; the other hand,buy clothes drying rack bargain with innovative regulatory approach "soft "Means to improve the quality of supply levels, to take random checks of the way to determine the random sampling of objects to improve the effectiveness of supervision and spot checks, and introduced to strengthen the product quality supervision and spot checks after the work of the measures to promote the supervision and inspection work closed-loop working mechanism, strengthen the local government Product quality and safety of the total responsibility to improve the effective supply to help the furniture industry chain, the overall improvement in product quality.</P>


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